hp-elitebook-x360_2017_04The HP Elitebook X360 is the business version (or “commercial version” as HP would say it) of the successful Spectre X360 laptop. We reviewed the 15.6 inches version of the X360 and were pleased to find many of the same features that made its success in this new Elitebook, including a nice and sturdy industrial design and the 360 degree swivel of the display that turns the HP Elitebook X360 into a PC tablet (in addition to the Laptop, Tablet, Stand and Tent mode).

Although it’s not exactly the same computer, it does use the same design language. Additions include the touch fingerprint reader and the Infra-Red camera (using structured light, like Kinect) that lets people log-in with Windows Hello. The fingerprint reader is convenient because it potentially lets people use a stronger password, without the hassle of typing it every time you come back from a coffee or restroom break.

Tip: How to Create a Strong, Easy To Remember, Password

The HP Elitebook X360 is a sturdy laptop that can successfully pass the MIL-STD-810G drop tests. This doesn’t make it “rugged”, but it does show a certain level of resilience which is important for enterprises who want to ensure that frequent travelers don’t end up with a dead laptop during a trip. This is the kind of major cost and hassle that is often worth more than the price of the laptop itself.

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Like other high-end HP laptops, the HP Elitebook X360 is built with CNC aluminum (CNC means carved from a solid block). On the left side, you can find the following ports: PC Card, Volume rocker, 3.5mm, USB 3.0. On the right, there’s more: USB 3.0, HDMIm USB C + Thunderbolt. The computer is 4.95mm thick,  and weighs only 2.8 Lbs.


Interestingly, this laptop also comes with a digitizer pen. It’s possible to flip it into tablet mode and takes notes in a natural way. From what we’ve seen, the ink of the recent PCs is much faster than it used to be (think Surface 2 Pro) and it’s really nice to write things down now. If only Windows came with a voice+handwriting notes app…

Users who want to have the longest battery life should opt for the 1080p (FHD) version of the computer, while those who can access a charger can opt for a finer UHD resolution. The difference between the two could be as high as 30% in synthetic battery tests. This laptop will be available this month, according to HP.

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