nintnedo-switch-proAs with pretty much all things electronic that is being sold in the US, being certified by the FCC is a must. In a recent post on Reddit, WeirdDudeInTheCorner discovered that Nintendo’s Pro Controller for the Switch had made it through the FCC, which has led to speculation that maybe pre-orders could be opening up soon.


According to his post, “Looks like the Pro Controller just cleared FCC. I’m still looking through the reports, haven’t seen anything new, but I suspect this may be why we haven’t seen Pro pre orders in USA. Specifies blue tooth, 5V usb charging, and NFC, but these were already known.” For those unfamiliar, the Pro controller is the alternative to the JoyCons and represents a more familiar and “normal” gaming controller.

As you can see in the image above, its design is pretty standard where we have the directional pads, analog sticks, four main buttons, as well as what appears to be shoulder buttons. This layout is more familiar and potentially more comfortable for gamers as the JoyCons do look small. However hands-on reviews for the Switch have actually revealed that the JoyCons are more comfortable than they look.

The Pro controllers will be sold separately so if the JoyCons don’t cut it for you for those marathon gaming sessions, then maybe the Pro controllers might be worth investing in.

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