VLC For The Nintendo Switch Is Being Considered

VLC’s media player has been around for awhile already, and it is widely used across devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. However it seems that VideoLan isn’t content with just those platforms and are looking to expand the app’s availability. This is according to the president and lead developer of VideoLan, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, who is looking towards the future of the software.

Mortal Kombat 11 For Nintendo Switch Might Be Delayed

NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 was officially announced towards the end of last year where the game was initially pegged for a release on the 23rd of April, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It appears that the release on the Switch could have since been delayed, according to Amazon listings over in Europe.

Rocket League Now Supports Full Cross-Platform Play

Last year Harmonix confirmed that Rocket League would be supporting cross-platform play. However there was a catch and that is Sony was sitting this one out, as we had seen in the past. There is some good news and that is Harmonix has since announced that “full cross-platform play” is now supported.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Confirmed For March 29, 2019 Release

In 2017 Nintendo announced that they would be launching a standalone Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was initially targeted for launch in 2018, but it ended up getting delayed where it was later pushed to 2019. For those who have been looking forward to it, you’ll be pleased to learn that we now have an official date to look forward to.


Doom, Minecraft Could Be Added To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros franchise has typically drawn from Nintendo’s own franchises and also games that are popular on its platform, but we have also seen how it has pulled in character from other games. Now according to the latest rumors from Japanese website 5Channel (via Game Rant), we could be looking at some surprising additions.

Datamine Reveals Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Characters

We know that Nintendo has stated that they have plans to release DLCs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future. These DLCs are expected to contain new characters that will be added to the roster, new stages, and new music. In what order they will be released remains is anyone’s guess, but it seems that a recent datamine might have revealed some information.

Nintendo Direct Rumored To Take Place Next Week

If you’re curious as to what Nintendo has planned for gamers in 2019, a report from Gaming Intel cites an anonymous source who claims that next week, Nintendo could be hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation. As is the case with most Direct presentations, there will probably be new announcements as well as updates on current works.

EA Could Be Working To Bring Frostbite Engine To The Nintendo Switch

A fair number of games published under EA uses the company’s Frostbite engine. It is a beautiful engine and games like Battlefield are a good example of what the engine looks like. Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, the console does not support Frostbite yet, which is why games like FIFA 18 use a custom engine in its place.

Tekken 7 For Nintendo Switch Will Depend On Fan Demand

Tekken 7 was initially released back in 2015. The game eventually made its way onto the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However last year some were wondering about whether or not the game could eventually make its way onto the Nintendo Switch, in which the game’s director Katsuhiro Harada said that we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

Multiple Retailers Offering $25 Gift Card With Nintendo Switch

Gaming consoles are a gift of choice for many during the holiday season. However, with a price cut being next to impossible for the Nintendo Switch, some retailers have now started offering a $25 gift card with the console to sell more units. The Switch has been selling very well without any incentives as it is, though. Nintendo recently confirmed that the Switch is actually America’s fastest-selling console.

Germany Is Unhappy With Nintendo’s eShop Pre-Order Policy

Like most video game companies, Nintendo allows gamers to pre-order their games via the Nintendo eShop. Unfortunately for Nintendo, it seems that some of its eShop policies have run afoul of regulators over in Germany where the German Consumer Protection Authority (VZBV) has decided to take Nintendo to court over it.

Nintendo Switch Becomes America’s Fastest Selling Console

It goes without saying that the Nintendo Switch has been an incredible success for the company. It needed to hit it out of the park after the Wii U and it delivered the goods with the Switch. The latest numbers from NPD Group show that the Nintendo Switch has actually become America’s fastest selling console.

Nintendo Switch To Get Subscription-Based Comic Book Service

The Nintendo Switch is mostly seen as a video game console, but due to its portable nature, it does hold the potential to be a lot more. For those who are hoping to get more out of their console than just games, then you might be interested to learn that InkyPen Comics has announced that they will be launching on the Switch soon.

Half Of Switch Owners Have Bought Zelda, Mario Kart, & Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has a stable of classic franchises that are almost always guaranteed to do well whenever they launch. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that half of Nintendo Switch owners own a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and/or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.