nintendo-switch-4Thanks to a recently deleted tweet of the Nintendo Switch’s UI, it was revealed that gamers will be able to swap between multiple user accounts. However exactly how many users the Switch will support was unclear, at least until the folks at Kotaku did a Q&A session with the company in which the number was revealed.

According to the answer Nintendo gave, “The user will access the Nintendo eShop that corresponds to the country identified in their Nintendo Account. (Up to eight user accounts can be created on a single Nintendo Switch system.)” Also while it was not specified, it has been suggested that these accounts could be multi-region.

This is according to an earlier answer in which Nintendo said, “The Nintendo Switch system is not region locked, but we recommend that players buy games within their region to ensure full service and support.” Note that Nintendo had previously confirmed that the Switch will not be region-locked, so it seems like based on our understanding and interpretation that maybe these accounts could be multi-region.

What this means is that if this is true, technically users will be able to set up accounts in different regions, like North America, Europe, or even Japan and access all the games that are available for the console, but we guess we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to clarify this or wait for the console’s release in which we’ll eventually find out if this assumption is accurate.

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