occly[CES 2017] Do you happen to have a stick of pepper spray attached to your keychain, or perhaps it remains in your handbag? After all, you can never quite tell just what kind of strange characters you would meet on the streets, and it pays to take the necessary precautions — especially when you are in unfamiliar territory. Occly hopes to help in this department, being a wearable personal safety device that has been specially designed to function as a visual deterrent.

You will be able to wear the Occly on your body, or simply have it clipped somewhere as an accessory each time you go out. It also helps a whole lot that the Occly is well designed and would not look out of place. In will be armed with a panic button, a quartet of cameras which should be able to deliver close to 360 degrees of coverage around you, a rather strong siren that goes off in emergency situations, a microphone, LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a selection of automatic alarm sensors.

Whenever you feel that you are in a dangerous situation and trigger Occly, it will put its sirens and lights to work so that those in the immediate vicinity will be alerted to your situation. Not only that, it will also start to record images as well as audio around you in real-time, being sent to Occly’s 24-hour emergency response center. Trained staff will then assess the emergency situation after taking a look at the received images and live audio recordings, taking the necessary steps afterwards.

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