prophix[CES 2017] While we are extremely comfortable with our own bodies, how many of us would enjoy peering into the mouths of others? ONVI hopes that you will start by looking into your own mouth with their Prophix. The Prophix is the first smart video toothbrush in the world, and a working prototype is more than ready to be demonstrated at CES 2017.

Being a pioneer in innovative dental technology, ONVI hopes that their Prophix smart video toothbrush will be able to usher in a new age of oral healthcare around the world. The Prophix will pair up sans wires to an iOS app over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Through this connection, users are able to check out just what their existing oral health state is like thanks to the real-time video feed as they brush. Granted, the suds from the toothpaste will probably make things messy in the middle, but once you have rinsed out everything, you can have a far clearer look — and actually see whether there are any parts that you missed out on.

Using the Prophix, users are even able to snap photos of the different areas in your mouth which you might want to share with a professional dentist later on. We do not discount the fact that there will be some people out there who would not mind sharing these photos with their family and friends, if not to simply gross them out.

The Prophix is available for pre-order at $299 a pop, which is already discounted from the recommended retail price of $399. Shipping is tipped to commence in Q3 2017.

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