proof[CES 2017] When you are in a glitzy city like Las Vegas, you would surely find it a challenge to not party at all. Booze is all over the place, and hence, this is where the discipline of responsible drinking comes in. Wearable technology goes one up against drunkenness with Proof. Milo Sensors are the ones behind Proof, where this particular slim band is worn around the wrist as though it were a fitness tracker. However, it would not keep track on the number of steps that you have taken, but rather, check out how much you have drunk by obtaining a reading of alcohol molecules through your skin.

Proof claims that the enzyme-based electrochemical sensor integrated within is able to convert alcohol into an electrical current. Through this particular principle, it can then provide a fairly accurate readout on your current blood alcohol content (BAC) level discreetly, via an Android or iOS app. It does sound like a good idea, but what happens when you go over your alcohol limit and are too drunk to figure out why your smartphone keeps on sending you updates at regular intervals with ever increasing numbers? It is not as though Proof is hooked up to the establishment that you are in, informing the bartender not to serve you any more drinks.

This makes Proof more of a fun gadget than anything else, as it is also able to predict just how drunk you will end up later at night — or the next morning, based on your current drinking pattern and rate. It will also provide a prediction on the moment when your body ends up sober. At the end of the day, Proof is meant to empower regular folks to be able to make an educated decision concerning alcohol.

Milo Sensors hopes to roll out Proof through a crowdfunding campaign, targeting a sticker price of $100 to $150 for it.

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