super-retro-boy[CES 2017] As far as handheld consoles are concerned, or just consoles in general, it’s hard to beat out the Nintendo Game Boy in terms of being a classic. This is why despite there being newer handhelds like the DS or 3DS, the Game Boy’s design is still one of the more iconic and recognizable consoles out there.

Clearly Nintendo is done with the Game Boy, but in case you want to relive some memories, the folks at Retro-bit have brought the device back to life in the form of the Super Retro Boy. For obvious reasons it was not named the Game Boy, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess which console they were trying to emulate.

The Super Retro Boy sports a slightly updated design compared to the Game Boy, and it will be able to support cartridges from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced. If you have any of those cartridges lying around, now would be a good time to blow the dust off them. The console will feature a 2,500mAh battery that should provide about 10 hours of playtime, a TFT HD display, and it will only be priced at $80 when it launches later this August.

Given how Nintendo is fiercely protective of their IPs, we have to wonder if the Super Retro Boy will run afoul of the company’s legal team ahead of its release.

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