royole-flexphone[CES 2017] Remember the stop-motion animated series Gumby? Well, the Royole FlexPhone is certainly a device that might bring back memories of Gumby. After all, we are clearly on the warpath when it comes to smartphones with an even greater degree of performance and capabilities. The LG V20 comes with dual displays, while the Galaxy S7 edge sports dual curved edge displays, and throwing in a pair of cameras into the mix is no longer strange. Hence, to see the Royole FlexPhone is certainly refreshing, as the name itself gives the game away.

The Royole FlexPhone comes across as the maiden smartphone prototype in the industry that will make use of Royole’s proprietary full color flexible display alongside flexible sensor technologies, making it what it is today. When it is rigid, it will function just like any other regular handset. Once you are done with it, you will be able to roll it up onto your wrist, making it function as a fitness monitor Any incoming calls can be attended to through the speakerphone function, or you can remove it from your wrist and straighten it up to a standard phone form factor.

As a fitness tracker, the Royole FlexPhone does more than just offer the bare basics. It is able to monitor a slew of physical parameters such as heart rate, number of steps taken, as well as distance traveled. The Royole FlexPhone will tip the scales at 100 grams, measuring approximately 5mm thin, running on Android as the mobile operating system of choice and is SIM card compatible. It is a pity that the Royole FlexPhone maxes out at just 3G — where everyone else has long gotten used to 4G networks.

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