royole-smart-cycling-backpack[CES 2017] Cyclists often find it rather dangerous each time they hit the road, no thanks to other road users in cars, buses, and lorries who aren’t civic minded enough to share the road. This is where bicycle lanes come in handy, but just in case you live in an area where there are no gazetted bike lanes, what do you do? Obviously not rush out and purchase a car, but rather, increase your visibility and safety levels on the road with the Royole Smart Cycling Backpack.

A CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree, the Royole Smart Cycling Backpack will make use of Royole’s proprietary flexible sensor technology. It does not only look good, but is a fully functional cycling backpack. At the back lies an LED display grid which is embedded within, where Royole’s patented flexible sensors will then display control that has been specially layered in the shoulder strap fabric. This would allow the rider to come up with a range of lighted traffic signals so that the riders’ safety will be greatly enhanced — especially in low light conditions.

After all, the importance of rider illumination cannot be stated enough, and it would work in the cyclist’s favor to communicate what they would like to do next — turn left, or perhaps hang a sharp right, and the Royole Smart Cycling Backpack will get the job done, communicating it to whoever is behind you. Needless to say, using the Royole Smart Cycling Backpack does not mean you no longer have to be less cautious about vehicles from behind.

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