[CES 2017] Fancy making your home a tad smarter than it already is? While it is not going to have the kind of AI that we see in JARVIS of Iron Man fame in the movies, any little bit of automation is going to help greatly. Switchmate has announced two smart home products that ought to be able to transform your abode into what they call a “One-Second Smart Home”.

First of all, there is the Switchmate Bright lighting solution that will introduce additional robust features to your home. It will boast of all the convenient functions that can be found in its predecessor, while sporting some new tricks of its own that increase its versatility. The Switchmate Bright can be attached over current light switches in your home — never mind if they are of the rocker or toggle type, thanks to powerful magnets that bid adieu to screws or a complication installation process. From there, download and run the Switchmate app on any iOS or Android-powered device, and you can then gain instant control of whatever’s hooked up to the current wall switch.

Not only that, it sports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that consumers are able to access it remotely via the “Zip” WiFi/BLE bridge.

As for the Switchmate Power, this smart wall socket offers dual socket, independent power control. In other words, users are able to turn on/off just about any kind of product that remains plugged into it. Once installed, download the Switchmate app, and you can then get going. Of course, one is able to revert to manual operation of the power controls should you decide to ditch use of the Switchmate app. The Wall Socket itself sports a couple of USB charging ports to keep up with the times, in addition to a LED backlight/nightlight that will help illuminate hallways or dark rooms.

Expect to fork out $44.99 and $39.99 for the Switchmate Bright and the Switchmate Power, respectively, as they launch in the US later this month.

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