p9k-360-cam[CES 2017] Virtual Reality (VR) and action cameras do seem to get a whole lot of attention these days. After all, we do live in a very connected world, and sharing of happenings in our lives over social media has been deemed to be the norm for some time now. If you would like to take your adventures to the next level, you might consider the Vyu360 ACTIV 360° action camera.

This is an all-new 360° camera, and it also carries the distinction of being the smallest of its kind in the market at the moment. The whole idea of the ACTIV 360° action camera is to help people explore a different angle in life, sharing what you see underwater rather than the usual, humdrum shots of you on a rollercoaster or perhaps zorbing around.

The ACTIV 360° action camera is specially catered for a younger generation who has the need for a faster and better method when it comes to sharing their experiences on social media. Even if the ACTIV 360° action camera is not used when you are underwater, it will also do a fantastic job above water, be it in an indoor skate park or while you are attempting that new jungle trail on your mountain bike.

It comes with a protective case that has been rated to be waterproof up to 30 meters, and is tough enough to handle the rigors and impacts that arise from extreme sports. In addition, the Vyu360 Software will also let you perform a direct download all footage to your social media networks, removing the computer as the middle party in this matter. This $349 device will deliver Ultra High Definition 360° spherical video and image quality thanks to is dual 8-megapixel sensors and specially engineered panoramic optics.

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