whill-model-m[CES 2017] We first came across the Whill wheelchair at CEATEC three years ago, and here we are with a new model which will cater for those who would like to live life a little bit more on the exciting side, even though you are in a wheelchair. The Whill Model M is an all-terrain wheelchair that has been specially built in order to handle rough surfaces without running into trouble or getting stuck. This is made possible thanks to the presence of omni-wheels that will come in handy when tackling the likes of obstacles and ramps.

With more than 2 million people relying on wheelchairs to get around in the US, accessibility options like the Whill Model M are hard and rare to come by. Being classified as an all-terrain EV, its sturdy build will be accompanied by omni-wheels, allowing it to see action regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. The new design might seem to be rather bulky at first glance, but it would occupy nearly a similar amount of space as a manual wheelchair.

There are three different speed modes to choose from in the Whill Model M, and just in case you would like to have a breather from all that’s going on, the stationary mode will definitely come in handy. Whill even has a mobile app in the pipeline that will hopefully be able to provide assistance through wireless navigation as a safer way to move around. No idea no how much the Whill Model M will cost, but it is not going to come cheap, that is for sure.

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