xiaomi-singapore-storeIf you were hedging your bets on companies like Apple and Samsung, you might have panicked a little bit to see how fast Xiaomi was catching up. The company managed to put out devices that would sell out in minutes and they even managed to dethrone bigger and more established companies such as Samsung in the Chinese market.

However it looks like things are starting to slow down for the company, so much so that according to a report from TechCrunch, a Xiaomi spokesperson confirmed that the company would be skipping out on MWC 2017 this year. Given how big of a deal MWC is as far as mobile devices are concerned, it is rather surprising that the company will not be in attendance.

We can only assume that this means that the company has nothing new to announce. Of course their lack of attendance at MWC is hardly a sign that they are in any kind of trouble, although recently Xiaomi’s CEO and co-founder did admit that the company has grown a bit too fast and that they would no longer be sharing its sales figures to the public anymore.

This is quite a muted approach considering that back in 2015, Xiaomi was saying how they plan to overtake the likes of Apple. In any case we guess Xiaomi’s absence at MWC this year means that if you wanted to see new Xiaomi handsets, we’ll have to wait for the company to host their own event.

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