xiaomiAs it stands, Xiaomi is the world’s third largest smartphone maker even though their products have yet to enter Western markets like those of the US and Europe. However despite the lack of presence in those regions, the company’s CEO Lei Jun seems to believe that they have what it takes to eventually overthrow the likes of Apple and snag the number one spot.

This was revealed by Lei during a business regulatory forum held by China’s National People’s Congress and it isn’t the first time that Lei has made similar comments. The CEO announced last year that the company had plans to overtake both Samsung and Apple and in fact over in China, Xiaomi managed to do just that.

How does Xiaomi plan on doing this? For starters the company is looking to expand into markets such as Brazil and Russia. The company also has plans to enter the US and Europe at a later date, and so far the Xiaomi’s presence in the US comes in the form of an online store which will sell some of the company’s non-mobile products and accessories.

Lei also stated that Xiaomi plans on shipping as many as 80-100 million smartphones globally this year which should net the company anywhere between $15.9-$19.1 billion in revenue, assuming that they manage to sell their inventory. It remains to be seen if Xiaomi will make good on their goals, but so far it looks like a rather lofty one.

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