At the moment the current Android name is “Nougat” as Google makes their way through the alphabet, and so far Google has been going with different names of desserts. That being said in 2017 we can expect the next major build of Android, which we can only assume will be called Android “O”.


So the question is, what will the next build of Android be known as? In a recent tweet by Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer, it seems that Lockheimer is teasing that it could be called “Oreo” which we guess does make sense. However it should be noted that since Oreo isn’t a generic dessert name, we have to wonder if Google might have another partnership in place like they did with Android 4.4 KitKat.

It is also entirely possible that Lockheimer is trolling us with Oreo since it is a pretty obvious name, but we can’t really think of any other dessert that starts with O that is short and sweet, unless Google plans on going back to their “Ice Cream Sandwich” naming days. In any case it might be a while before we find out the details.

Google will be hosting Google I/O 2017 later this year from the 17-19th of May where they’ll presumably show off/tease the next Android build, but as to whether or not the name will be revealed remains to be seen.

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