Remember when you were young and one of the toys you used to play with was the incredibly frustrating Etch A Sketch, which would take you hours to put together a simple drawing? Perhaps kids these days with their smartphones and tablets might not see much fun in such “low-tech” toys, but not to worry.

Spin Master, the company that acquired Etch A Sketch back in 2016, and BoogieBoard have come together and have given the toy a hi-tech and modern makeover with the Etch A Sketch Freestyle. On the surface it still looks and feels like the old toy, except that under the hood it comes equipped with an LCD screen.

What this means is that you can kiss that black aluminum powder goodbye and instead kids will now be able to draw on the LCD screen using a stylus. As for the knobs on the sides of the toy, they will no longer be used for tracing, but instead they will act as stamps in which kids can make shapes on the LCD screen to enhance their drawings.

Essentially what this has become is a tablet of sorts, and the only part that remains of the classic toy would be its shake-to-erase functionality. We also guess that gone is the frustration of accidentally bumping into the toy and having your drawing erased. However if you think that this would still make for a great toy for your kids, the Etch A Sketch Freestyle will be available this coming fall for $20.

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