Every now and then, developers will offer discounts on their apps. Whether it be to celebrate the anniversary of the game’s launch, or maybe it’s a seasonal offer for Christmas, whatever the reason is discounts do happen. However to better reflect these discounts, it seems Google has made some changes to the Play Store.

If you can see in the screenshot above, basically it seems that developers will now have the ability to show discounted prices in the Play Store. This means that developers create list their apps with the discounted price and show how much it used to cost, thus giving users an idea of how much money they will be saving.

Given that it would be impossible for users to keep track of the prices of all the apps in the Play Store, this will be handy in showing users how much they could save. Not to mention there are probably some users who might only consider making a purchase if it is greater than 50%, for example.

In addition to this change, Google has also made it so that select developers could make paid listings free temporarily. This is more of a change that benefits developers because prior to this, apps that were made free had to be relisted again if they were to become paid, thus losing out ratings/reviews in the process. These changes should be live so don’t be surprised if you see them in the Google Play Store.

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