Famed developer Hideo Kojima’s next game will be a game called “Death Stranding”. Not much is known about the game at the moment, save for the fact that Kojima has stressed that the game is not a horror game. Also the fact that it is only due for a release in the next few years means that we have a bit of waiting to do.

That being said we’re sure that there are some who might be wondering if Death Stranding is a one-off title from Kojima, or if he plans on making a bunch of sequels and turn it into a franchise like he did with Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately it might be a bit too early to tell and it seems that a part 2 for Death Stranding isn’t even on Kojima’s mind at the moment.

Speaking at RTX Sydney, Kojima revealed that he isn’t thinking about Death Stranding 2 at the moment. However this doesn’t mean that there are no plans for a sequel, it’s just something that hasn’t crossed his mind yet, although he did say that he would consider it if there was enough demand. He goes on to add that he gives his all for each of his games and never holds anything back for the sake of creating a sequel.

That being said no one really knows how well Death Stranding will fare and like we said, with a release still a few years away, we can only imagine that the developers are probably focusing their efforts on the current game rather than thinking of what will be in part 2.

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