Developers and publishers these days are no longer able to just push out a game, sit back, and rake in the cash. Instead these days they are expected to continuously introduce updates and new features to keep the game fresh and exciting, and in Overwatch’s case, this includes new maps, new game modes, and new characters that players can play with.


Now if you have been looking forward to a new Overwatch character, there is speculation that the next character Blizzard will be adding to the game might come in the form of Doomfist. This is according to a post on Reddit by user Venxa who discovered data in the latest patch for Overwatch’s PTR that pointed at Doomfist being the next possible character.

The data in question is an unfinished model of a smashed Numbani payload, which has led to speculation that Blizzard plans on doing something with it. For those unfamiliar, Doomfist is less of a person and more of a title which can be bestowed onto people who have wielded a powerful gauntlet, hence the name.

It has been speculated for awhile that Doomfist could be the next character, and photos of actor Terry Crews showing up at Blizzard’s offices and publicly expressing his interest in voicing the character have only lent strength to the speculation. In fact Crews recently posted a mock audition of him voicing the character, which we have to say is actually pretty good.

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