As the world starts becoming more interconnected, the video game industry is still one in which platform exclusives are still a thing. Even when games are released on multiple platforms, they aren’t always playable with each other. While we can’t speak for other games, the good news is that if you’re an Overwatch player, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game will finally be getting cross-play support.

This means that if you play Overwatch on your PC but your friends play it on consoles like the Switch, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll be able to play with them. This will also improve on the ability for players to find games to join since it would open itself up to a wider group of players, and gamers will also have more players to play with.

It is a long overdue feature but we suppose better late than never, although given that Overwatch 2 is already in development, it does feel like it might be too late. However, do note that at the moment while cross-play will be supported, cross-progression isn’t so if you’ve collected skins and experience on one device, it won’t be transferable to another, at least not right now, but Blizzard does state that it is something they are interested in exploring later.

Also, another thing worth pointing out is that cross-play will not be available for ranked matches, so if you don’t mind playing casual games and don’t care about ranks, then this should be fine, but for more competitive players, no such luck.

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