There is a reason why there are certain accessories that are marketed towards gamers. This includes things like monitors with fast refresh rates and response times, keyboards and mice with minimal input lag, and so on. This is because for some gamers, that split-second reaction could spell victory or defeat.

For gamers of Blizzard’s Overwatch, there is some good news for you because Blizzard will be implementing NVIDIA’s Reflex technology into the game. Right now, the feature is being tested on the public test realm which means that it should be part of a future update, although when exactly is unclear.

For those who are unfamiliar with Reflex, this is NVIDIA’s attempt at reducing latency in games. The idea is that it will try to reduce the amount of time between you clicking your mouse and the action you see on the screen.

According to NVIDIA, “By integrating directly with the game, Reflex Low Latency Mode aligns game engine work to complete just-in-time for rendering, eliminating the GPU render queue and reducing CPU back pressure in GPU intensive scenes. This delivers latency reductions above and beyond existing driver-only techniques, such as NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency Mode.”

That being said, there are various factors that can impact your latency, such as having a slow internet connection, so Reflex isn’t meant to be some kind of magic pill, but hopefully for those who have a decent connection, this should help.

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