We know that Amazon has plans to make drone deliveries a thing. The company has been testing it out for the past few years, but it seems that recently in California, Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery program just made its first public demo delivery at a invite-only MARS conference.


Note that this isn’t the first time the drone delivery system has been put into action, but rather this is the first time the company’s drones have been flown in public. According to Amazon, prior to this all of its flights in the US have taken place on private property, so we guess this is a pretty big deal and the next step towards making drone deliveries a reality.

Also the company has made drone deliveries before but that was in UK. Speaking to The Verge, Amazon Prime Air vice president Gur Kimchi said that this delivery was made with assistance by the FAA, and that it brings Amazon “one step closer to making 30-minute package delivery by drone a reality.”

We should point out that while drone deliveries have yet to become fully legal and put into action, over in Virginia ground robot deliveries have been legalized where motorized and autonomous robots can be used to make deliveries to customers, so we guess deliveries by drones shouldn’t be too far behind.

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