When Amazon Prime first debuted, the perks of subscribing to the service weren’t that much and it did seem rather pricey. However fast forward to today, and Amazon Prime is packed with perks and features that certainly helps make it a compelling annual subscription, whether you want it for the shipping perks, music, videos, storage, and so on.

Now it seems that over in the UK, Amazon has announced a new perk for Prime members in the form of ticketing priority. For those not in the UK, Amazon has a service in the country called Amazon Tickets. Now it seems that if you have a Prime subscription, you’ll be getting priority when it comes to purchasing tickets where you’ll be able to purchase them at least 24 hours before they go on sale to the masses.

Of course this does not guarantee you a seat since we’re sure that scalpers will probably take advantage of this new perk, but we guess it gives you a bit of a fighting chance compared to those who do not have a Prime subscription. Prime members will also be able to access a new Amazon lounge within The O2 in London, Amazon Deck Seats, a backstage Prime lounge at The SSE Arena, Wembley, and more.

Given that Amazon Tickets does not exist in the US, at least for now, we guess Prime members in the UK won’t be getting access to this perk. However that might change in the future, who knows? Or maybe Amazon might come up with something similar just with a different name.

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