A couple of weeks ago early reviews of the Nintendo Switch seemed to highlight some problems with the Joy-Con controllers. Basically it sounded like every once in awhile, the Joy-Con controllers would love their connectivity with the Switch which would then interrupt gameplay, and forcing gamers to restart.

It seems that this might be a problem that Nintendo is aware of because the company has posted a support note with regards to the issue. However instead of acknowledging that this could be a problem that could be fixed with a software update, the support note seems to just suggest to gamers ways to avoid connectivity issues.

This involves ensuring their consoles are always updated to the latest software, ensuring that the controllers are always charged, to decrease the distance between the console and the controller, and also to make sure that the Switch is placed in a way that there is minimal to no interference.

They have advised gamers to avoid placing it behind a TV, aquarium, or under metal objects, behind wires, cords, and so on. We’re not sure if these solutions will be enough to fix the connectivity issues, but here’s hoping that Nintendo will still look into the software all the same. In the meantime are there any of our readers experiencing connectivity issues with their Switch’s Joy-Cons?

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