A recent report revealed that during its launch weekend, the Nintendo Switch managed to sell 80,000 units in the UK, which is double that of the Wii U. While the figures in the US remain unclear, we heard that the console is the fastest-selling console in the company’s history as far as opening weekends are concerned.

However it seems that it might be hard to beat the figures in Japan, because according to a tweet by Bloomberg reporter Yuji Nakamura, it seems that the Switch has managed to sell over 300,000 units within its first week. To be more specific, Nakamura is claiming that the console sold 313,700 units.

So how does that compare to other platforms? According to Nakamura, the Wii U managed 308,600 in its first week, the Wii managed 371,900, while the PS4 managed 322,100. While the Xbox One was not mentioned, back in 2014 we heard that it only managed to sell over 23,562 units.

Interestingly enough it seems that the Switch’s opening week did not leave the Wii U in the dust unlike the UK, and that it isn’t too far behind the PS4’s sales, which we guess could be seen as a good thing. However what’s important is whether or not Nintendo can maintain its momentum, but for now it looks like the company might have a hit on their hands.

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