Have you ever seen an item worn by someone in real-life, or maybe you saw some dinnerware at a restaurant, or some interesting furniture at your friend’s house, and wondered where you might be able to buy them? The good news is that your search just got a little easier thanks to Pinterest opening up its Lens feature to all of its US users.

For those unfamiliar, Lens is a feature that Pinterest launched last month. The concept is rather simple and essentially it is a reverse-image search, kind of like how you can do the same with Google. However in the case of Pinterest, what happens is that the platform will take that image and try to search for other images that are similar and hopefully give you what you’re looking for or at least something close enough.

However as Pinterest states, Lens is still in beta even though it is open to all users. This means that sometimes the results you get might not be 100% accurate or ideal, but you can always give Pinterest feedback and help the AI learn by tapping the “+” button to add some feedback for the feature.

No word on when Lens will be officially exiting beta and making its way to other markets, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled. In the meantime the feature should already be live so fire up your Pinterest app and take it for a spin if you’re interested.

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