Analyst Predicts Weak Demand For Samsung Galaxy S8

Following the disaster of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, safe to say that many are anticipating the Galaxy S8 and whether or not Samsung can rebound from last year’s snafu. However note everyone thinks that they will, or at least that’s the opinion of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a research note that was seen by the folks at AppleInsider, it seems that Kuo believes that there will be weak demand for the Galaxy S8, or at least compared to that of the Galaxy S7. This by no means indicates that the phone will be a flop because just like the iPhone, a dip in sales still yielded a lot of units sold compared to the competition, and we expect that this should also apply to the Galaxy S8.

According to Kuo, he thinks that the lack of selling points and the impending release of an OLED iPhone could be the reasons behind the weak demand. He has forecasted 40-45 million units shipped in the fiscal year of 2017, which is 7-12 million less than the 52 million units that the Galaxy S7 shipped in the same timeframe.

Take it with a grain of salt since it’s hard to tell how well the phone will do until it is released. However recent reports have indicated that Samsung’s partners were very impressed with what they were shown at MWC (in secret, of course) last month. Samsung also appears to be optimistic as they apparently prepared 12 million units for launch, but like we said this is something we will only know for sure once the phone has been released, which last we heard could be on the 21st of April.

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