When it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup, just like Apple’s iPhones, it’s pretty much a guarantee that they will be selling like hotcakes. That being said with the upcoming Galaxy S8, it seems that Samsung could be anticipating much higher sales because according to reports, the company is planning to have 12 million units ready at launch.

The report claims that the company will have 4.7 million units of the phone ready this month, with an additional 7.8 million in April, although it does not break down how many units are for the Galaxy S8 and how many there are for the rumored larger Galaxy S8 Plus, although in the past we’ve seen that the curved variants of the Galaxy S phones have typically done a bit better.

The number of units and timeline of preparation also makes sense because Samsung will be officially announcing the phone on the 29th of March, and we have also heard that pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 will kick off on the 10th of April with actual sales expected to go live on the 21st of April.

Of course whether or not Samsung will be able to sell all 12 million units remains to be seen, or whether they might actually end up facing a shortage due to overwhelming demand, although we’re guessing that there are probably quite a few Note 7 owners who might be looking to capitalize on the 50% discount.

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