If you’re using iOS 10 then there’s a good chance that your device could be affected by a recently discovered bug within the Control Center feature that could potentially crash iOS. First noted by Italian website AmiciApple (via 9to5Mac), this bug appears to be in iOS 10 and in the iOS 10.3.2 beta, it looks like Apple has yet to address the issue.

That being said, 9to5Mac does point out that this bug is pretty difficult to pull off and that accidentally triggering it is very unlikely. This is because it involves quite a bit of actions that you’ll have to do with Control Center pulled up, and since we doubt that anyone could accidentally pull it off it isn’t exactly a breaking bug.

If anything we guess it could just be a “funny” bug where you could use it to prank your friends with iOS and cause their devices to crash, if you’re into that sort of thing. It is also because of the complexity to pull off this bug which is why 9to5Mac doesn’t believe that Apple will bother to address it, or at least if they do it won’t exactly be a priority.

However a bug is still a bug and hopefully this is something that Apple will look at anyway. In the meantime if you’re curious about the bug, you can check out the video above which shows the bug in action and also how to pull it off.

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