Fallout 4 was launched in 2015 which is about 7 years after its predecessor, Fallout 3, which meant that gamers were waiting for quite a long time for it. Turns out it was well worth the wait, or at least that’s what the reviews are saying so far. While we’re not sure how long we’d have to wait for Fallout 5, there is Fallout 4 VR to look forward to.

Back in 2016, Bethesda confirmed that a VR version of Fallout 4 was in the works and would be shown off at E3 2017 this year, and it seems that it will be a title we can highly-anticipate. This is according to a report from MCV who quotes AMD’s corporate vice president Roy Taylor who called the title “groundbreaking” and said that it would be an industry changer.

Speaking at the VR World Congress, Taylor was quoted as saying, “It will change the way we think about VR. It will be an industry changer.” He also went on to liken the game as the “Mario” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” of the VR industry. Now we have seen several VR titles released in the past and they are all unique in their own way, but the praises heaped onto Fallout 4 VR has us curious as to how different the game could be from the rest.

Either way we guess we will find out for ourselves at E3 2017, so be sure to check back with us this coming June if you’d like the details.

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