The other day thanks to Xbox achievements that were spotted online, it was suggested that the Joker could be an upcoming character for Injustice 2 that the folks at NetherRealm had yet to announce. For those wondering about whether or not it was true, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is true and that the Joker will be officially part of the Injustice 2 roster.


According to the YouTube description of the character, “Though killed by Superman, the Joker continues to haunt the lives of all those touched by his madness. By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. If he were alive to see the chaos he’d created, he would surely be smiling.”

To be fair given how prominent the Joker has been in the DC universe as well as the movies in recent times, the character doesn’t really need an introduction. However Injustice 2’s version of the Joker is a bit different from what you might have expected from the comics and movies (although we guess it comes pretty close to Suicide Squad’s version) as well as the previous Injustice game.

In any case you can check out the character’s gameplay trailer in the video above if you are interested. Injustice 2 is set for a release on the 16th of May where it will arrive on both the Xbox One and PS4.

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