If you’re shopping about for a new LG handset, it seems that there could be an unannounced LG phone that could soon be announced. According to a recent sighting at the FCC, a certain LG M255 handset was spotted. Unsurprisingly the FCC filing does not reveal much about the device, save for the model number.


Before you get too excited at what this LG handset could be, we should remind you guys that LG has already launched their flagship LG G6, which means that this LG M255 could most likely end up being a low-end handset or maybe a mid-ranger, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled anyway since there are shoppers on all sorts of budgets.

LG typically releases two flagship phones a year, with an LG G-series at the start followed by an LG V-series towards the later part of the year. We have been hearing rumors of an LG V30, but given that the LG G6 has only just been released, it is unlikely that the handset at the FCC is the LG V30.

In any case FCC approval is usually the step before a phone is released and allowed to be sold in the US, which means that it probably won’t be too long until the official details of the LG M255 will be revealed, so check back with us at a later date for the details if there are any to be had.

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