When it comes to FPS gaming, there are some gamers who argue that using a mouse and keyboard combo is the best, while others claim that using the analog sticks on a gamepad works just as well, if not better. That being said for Overwatch players who play the game on console, you’ll be getting improved aiming options in the near future.

In a post on the Battle.net forums, Overwatch’s lead engineer Tim Ford wrote, “We hear you loud and clear. We’re going to add two options in an upcoming patch. First, we’ll add a slider for aim smoothing. It will default to the current smoothing/acceleration in the game today (full smoothing, low acceleration). As you drag it towards zero, you’ll get less smoothing (higher acceleration). At zero, smoothing is disabled (instant acceleration).”

He also adds, “We’re also adding a new aim technique to compliment Dual Zone and Exponential Ramp. The new technique is called Linear Ramp. If you use this technique along with disabled aim smoothing, you will rotate commensurate to the angle you deflect the aim stick multiplied by your sensitivity.”

No word on when the patch will be released but console gamers who felt that Overwatch’s aiming options could be better or more varied, then hopefully this patch will address some of your issues with the game.

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