The Like button has become pretty ubiquitous these days, where it provides users with a quick way to show their appreciation for a post or item they see online. However in an interesting move, it seems that Pinterest has decided that they will be removing the feature from its website.

According to Pinterest, it seems that one of the reasons why they’re removing the feature is because they say that users are confused between the Like and Save buttons, where liking a pin simply shows your interest or appreciation, but saving a pin means that it’s something you can always go back to in the future.

A statement sent to Recode also hinted that Pinterest wanted to set itself apart from the competition, such as Facebook and Instagram. The statement reads, “While other companies want you to live in a virtual world, Pinterest encourages people to live in the real world. We like to say, be yourself and not your selfie. There are many services out there with the mission of helping you connect and share with friends; we’re the one app exclusively in the visual discovery business.”

The change won’t be coming into effect immediately as Pinterest will be making the changes over the course of the next few weeks. For those who have liked pins thinking that they were saves, not to worry as Pinterest will be saving pins users liked into a separate private pin board so that you can always go back to them at a later date.

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