The way Sony and Microsoft are approaching console upgrade is rather interesting. What we have seen in the past is the companies would introduce slimmer versions of the existing console, with maybe more storage, but with the PS4 and Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft are instead launching upgrades in the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio.

Both these consoles will continue to play PS4 and Xbox One games except at better specs. So the question is with this approach, will we ever see major console revisions in the future? Or are upgrades the way moving forwards? It’s a bit hard to say right now, but according to Macquarie Capital Securities Damian Thong, he believes that the “next-generation PlayStation” could be launched as early as next year.

While Thong did not state so explicitly, it has been speculated that this PS5 could be Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. The console is said to be aiming for over 10 teraflops in graphical power, which would be almost double that of Project Scorpio which is said to be capable of 6 teraflops.

It is unclear if the PS5 will continue to support PS4 games or if we’re looking at an entirely new platform. It would be strange for Sony to suddenly abandon the PS4 and PS4 Pro within a span of the year, so maybe we could be just looking at another upgrade, but in any case there’s no guarantee since this is just the opinion of an analyst, but what do you guys think? Could a PS5 be in the works?

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