What may have been an April Fools joke has actually turned out to be true. Giving into overwhelming fan demand, Sega has announced that its modern classic Bayonetta is going to be released for PC via Steam. The game is out on Steam today and it has been improved as well so players will get better visuals and better graphics options.

Bayonetta is a critically acclaimed action classic from Sega. Fans of the game had been on the company’s case for a long time to get it to release the game for Windows as well. Sega has finally followed through on that.

Bayonetta arrived on console seven years ago so fans have been made to wait for the PC release for a very long time but with Sega finally listening to them, they will be happy that the game is available at last.

The game is out on Steam today and it has been updated with 4K support. That’s going to be appreciated a lot by gamers who have a 4K-compatible machine as the gaming experience for them would be top notch.

Sega is going to give those who already own the game the Digital Deluxe Edition of Bayonetta for free until April 25th. This edition has a five-song soundtrack sampler, exclusive wallpapers, and avatars as well as a digital artbook.

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