Here’s an interesting bit of news. Mountain View police have said that a security robot was beaten up in a parking lot of a shopping center. The robot is a 300-pound contraption that looks like an egg. It was punched to the ground by a man who was allegedly drunk at the time. The 41-year-old man who punched the Knightscope-made droid has since been arrested.


The motive behind this brutal act of violence against a machine is unknown at this point in time, but consuming alcohol in excess can make you do bad things so that just might be a factor here.

The robot in question is capable of reading 300 license plates per minute. It can also produce 360-degree video streaming. If these robots detect that something is out of the ordinary, they immediately alert the security guards.

They can’t do much beyond alerting the security guards, it’s not like these robots are armed, at least not yet anyway.

If you’re concerned about the robot’s wellbeing, you’ll be glad to know that it takes more than a punch to kill one of these bad boys. It only suffered minor scratches after being punched by the allegedly drunk man and has since rejoined duty.

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