In the past we have seen how some gamers who are so addicted to gaming have resulted in them neglecting their own children, where in some unfortunate cases babies have died either due to frustration being taken out on them, or because they were not fed. If you think that we would have learnt something from all of this by now, it doesn’t really seem to be the case.


Over in Japan a TV show called Ie, Tsuite Itte Ii Desuka? followed a man by the name Kaccho home where he agreed to let them film the show inside of his apartment. It was then noticed that his home was filled with merchandise from the game Dragon Quest, and in the process of explaining his collection, Kaccho revealed that he got divorced four years ago, which he believes could have been the result of his addiction to the game.

He says his wife has since left him and taken their daughter. He also tried to get custody of her but failed to do so. It also seems that he has since lost contact with either of them, but he also hasn’t tried very hard to try and get in touch. However he has created a character within the game that is created after his daughter.

When the cameraman asks if his daughter could still be playing the game, Kaccho replied that it might be possible, and that maybe they could somehow find each other and meet up in the virtual world.

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