Fallout Shelter is Bethesda’s first mobile gaming effort which has proven to be rather successful, so much so that they eventually expanded it to cover more platforms such as the Xbox One and Windows PCs. However this has left some gamers wondering if it will eventually find its way onto the PS4 as well.

Back in February Bethesda’s Pete Hines answered with a “Dunno” and the company has kept quiet ever since which has led to some fans speculating about it. To that end, Hines has since revealed why Bethesda has kept mum on the issue. In a post on Twitter, he said, “in general, we never talk about whether we will or won’t do games/platform/etc. if it isn’t announced, we don’t talk about it, either way.”

As to why not just outright reject the notion if they do not have plans? According to Hines, this is because it will set a precedent that they’d rather not deal with. “Sorry but that opens up a can of worms where everyone asks about every single possible project or game because they expect an answer.”

We suppose that’s fair and for now whether or not Fallout Shelter will arrive on the PS4 remains to be seen, however given Bethesda’s lack of reply and the reasoning behind launching it on the Xbox One, maybe gamers shouldn’t get their hopes up. In the meantime PS4 gamers can always opt to play the game on their mobile phones as an alternative, which was pretty the platform the game was designed for anyway.

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