Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, has been teasing his Android-powered flagship smartphone for the longest time. The Essential Phone was finally announced officially today but it’s not the only product that the company has been working on. The Essential Home has also been unveiled today, it’s the company’s own Amazon Echo rival.

Not a lot of details about this product have been revealed at this point in time but it’s said to feature an “auto-display” which can be activated with a tap, a question or even a glance. The company says that this device was never designed to intrude upon the home and that it’s “an entirely new type of product.”

However, it’s quite similar in function to a lot of existing intelligent assistants out there. It will be able to answer general questions, control music, set timers, control connected objects like smart lights, and more.

Bear in mind, though, that Essential is yet to properly unveil this device. It has only released concept renders so far just so we can get an idea of what the final product might look like. It’s also unclear at this point in time which ecosystems will be supported by it.

Essential Home is reportedly going to ship later this summer. No word as yet on its technical specifications and the price that Essential is going to charge for it.

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