Have you ever tried to take a photo and only to realize that something is in the way? Or maybe because you don’t really have a good vantage point and can only snap from where you are? Unfortunately these are situations that many a photographer finds themselves in from time to time, but Google wants to fix that.

During Google I/O 2017 which kicked off earlier today, Google announced some changes that they will be making to the Pixel’s camera. One of these changes includes obstruction removal, which as you can see in the image above makes the camera smarter at detecting at removing unwanted objects inside a photo to result in a clearer image.

This is done via AI and from what we can tell in the demo, it seems pretty much seamless and effortless. However as we have seen before, usually demos don’t necessarily accurately represent real world usage, and your mileage may vary which we also reckon might depend on the complexity involved in the object’s removal.

However it is still a much-welcome feature and we suppose over time it will be improved upon. Google has yet to confirm when it will be released for the Pixel other than saying “soon”, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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