Huawei had previously said that the Huawei Watch would receive its Android Wear 2.0 update soon after Google released it but that didn’t happen. A last minute issue forced a delay for several smartwatches that were on track to be among the first to receive Android Wear 2.0. Huawei confirmed last month that Google had fixed the issue and that the update would be out soon. The Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 update is now finally being released.

Huawei said early last month that Google had addressed the issue that had caused the delay in the first place. It promised that the update would roll out for its first smartwatch in the near future.

It still took Huawei a month to follow through on its promise of releasing said update for the Huawei Watch soon. Nevertheless, owners of the company’s first smartwatch will be happy to find out that the update is now rolling out.

Huawei Watch owners have now taken to Reddit to confirm that they are finally receiving the Android Wear 2.0 update on their smartwatches. However, it seems that the update isn’t being pushed to the smartwatch automatically.

Users have been pulling it manually by tapping on the “system is up to date” screen in the settings menu. Just make sure that the Huawei Watch is connected to Wi-Fi otherwise it won’t manually download the update.

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