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New Android Wear 2.0 Features Can Now Arrive Via Play Store
Gone are the days when Android users had to wait months for an updated service or native app because they were tied to monolithic firmware updates. These key updates are now sent via the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. Google is finally doing the same for Android Wear as well. Google can now add new features and services for Android Wear 2.0 through the Play Store.

Android Wear 2.0 For LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Released By AT&T
There hasn’t been a consistent release roadmap for Android Wear 2.0 and that hasn’t been ideal for those who have been waiting for this major update. Many compatible smartwatch owners have had to wait for several months just for the update to start rolling. The wait ends now for LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition owners on AT&T. The carrier is now rolling out Android Wear 2.0 for this smartwatch.

Moto 360 Sport Android Wear 2.0 Update May Arrive Soon
The Moto 360 Sport is one of the many smartwatches that supports the Android Wear 2.0 platform update. However, owners of this wearable device have been made to wait for a very long time. They’ve still not received the firmware update but that might be about to change soon. A new report suggests that Lenovo-owned Motorola might soon release the Moto 360 Sport Android Wear 2.0 update.

ASUS ZenWatch 3 Finally Receives Android Wear 2.0 Update
For whatever reason, the Android Wear 2.0 update for the ASUS ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 was delayed. However we had heard that the update could arrive for the ZenWatch 3 on the 11th of July, but clearly that did not happen. However the good news is that it is finally here, and better late than never, right?


Louis Vuitton Android Wear Smartwatch Costs $2,450
Louis Vuitton isn’t a brand that you would associate with affordability. The luxury brand’s products tend to run into thousands of dollars so its smartwatch is no different. The Louis Vuitton Android Wear smartwatch has been officially announced today. It’s called the Tambour Horizon and as you might have guessed, it’s expensive. Prices start at $2,450.

Android Wear 2.0 Release For Asus ZenWatch 2 & 3 Delayed Again
Waiting for new software updates to arrive is really not that great, particularly when similar devices from other manufacturers have already received them. Google published a list of all smartwatches that would receive the Android Wear 2.0 update earlier this year. Many devices on that list have received said update but the ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 from Asus still haven’t. Owners of these smartwatches will now have to wait […]

Huawei Watch 2 Review
Huawei unveiled the Watch 2 and the Watch 2 Classic in March at MWC 2017, the Huawei Watch 2 launched in the U.S.  on April 18 and the Watch 2 Classic, introduced to the market a few days ago, on May 30. I spent a few weeks playing with the Huawei Watch 2, and so far, I am very pleased with the device.Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 with 768 […]

Buy Verizon Wear24 Smartwatch Starting Today
Earlier this year in February, Verizon announced that it was soon going to start selling its own Android Wear 2.0-powered smartwatch. Called the Wear24, it’s going to be exclusive to Big Red. The carrier confirmed yesterday when interested customers will be able to buy Verizon Wear24 smartwatch. They can do that starting today.

Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 Update Finally Released
Huawei had previously said that the Huawei Watch would receive its Android Wear 2.0 update soon after Google released it but that didn’t happen. A last minute issue forced a delay for several smartwatches that were on track to be among the first to receive Android Wear 2.0. Huawei confirmed last month that Google had fixed the issue and that the update would be out soon. The Huawei Watch Android […]

Free Android Wear Apps
The Android wearables make it even more convenient to keep up with the notifications, reminders, to-do lists, calls, and social media without needing to take out your smartphone from your pocket.With great Android wearables like the Moto 360, LG G Watch, ASUS ZenWatch, and TAG Heuer’s Connected, you need some really good apps tailored for Android wearables. Here, we shall take a look at the best free Android wear apps […]

Verizon Wear24 Smartwatch Arrives May 11th
It has been a while since Verizon announced that it will soon start selling its very own Android Wear-powered smartwatch. The carrier didn’t reveal much information about the smartwatch at that point in time but it’s following through today. Verizon has confirmed today that its Wear24 smartwatch is going to be released next month, on May 11th to be precise.

Android Wear 2.0 Released For More Smartwatches
Google gradually started rolling out the Android Wear 2.0 update for Fossil, Casio, and Tag Heuer smartwatches last week after first announcing the launch of this update back in February. Two new LG smartwatches were launched as the first wearable devices to come with Android Wear 2.0 out of the box. Google has already said that there’s a bug that’s delaying the roll out of this update but, nevertheless, Android […]

Android Wear 2.0 Released For Tag Heuer, Fossil, And Casio Smartwatches
Google may have confirmed the release of Android Wear 2.0 last month and brought it to market with two new smartwatches called the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport but it’s yet to roll it out for existing smartwatches. That’s changing today. It has has been confirmed which are the three existing Android Wear smartwatches that are now receiving the much-awaited Android Wear 2.0 update.

Diesel On Android Wear Smartwatch Unveiled
The Fossil Group recently said that it’s going to offer more than 300 smartwatch options this year while pointing out that many of its brands will launch these wearable devices. Diesel is one of its brands and the company has launched its first Android Wear smartwatch lineup called On. However, Diesel hasn’t revealed too much information about its new smartwatch and has only released just one image.

Guess Launches Its Own Android Wear Smartwatch
Popular fashion brand Guess today announced the launch of its own Android Wear-powered smartwatch. The announcement has been made ahead of Baselworld 2017 which is the world’s biggest watch-related trade show. The Guess Connect Android Wear smartwatch comes in two sizes and runs on a Qualcomm processor.

ZTE Quartz Smartwatch Pictures Appear Online
ZTE has its first Android Wear-powered smartwatch in the pipeline. The last we heard about this device was last month when it stopped by the FCC for its regulatory certification. If you’ve been meaning to check it out then you will be delighted to find out that several pictures of the ZTE Quartz smartwatch have now appeared online. Some more information about the smartwatch has been revealed as well so […]

Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 Update Released
It was revealed several days ago that the original Huawei Watch would soon receive its Android Wear 2.0 update. This was revealed by Huawei Deutschland which informed owners that they should expect to receive the new update on their smartwatch by the end of this month. The company has made good on its promise to send the update out this month because multiple reports have now emerged confirming that the […]

Fossil Android Wear 2.0 Update Released
Fossil recently said that it would release the Android Wear 2.0 update for compatible smartwatches by mid-March. The company is following through on that promise as it has started rolling out said update for its smartwatches. The roll out may have started today but it’s going to pick up the pace in the coming days.

Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear 2.0 Update Arrives Soon
Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer emerged on the smartwatch scene last year with the Tag Heuer Connected. The idea was to provide a robust smartwatch that was backed by the quality and manufacturing standards that people expect from a Swiss watchmaker like Tag Heuer. While a successor to the original Connected smartwatch is going to be released soon, the company has confirmed today that the Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear […]

Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 Update Release Expected This Month
Those who own the original Huawei Watch will be waiting for it to receive the latest iteration of Google’s wearable device platform. The Chinese consumer electronics company has now confirmed that it’s going to release the Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 update later this month. The update is most likely going to be released towards the end of this month.