When it comes to upgrading our gadgets, most of the time it involves us just buying a new one, unless you have a desktop computer in which you can swap out components. However this was a problem that Intel tried to solve earlier this year with the Compute Card and at Computex this year, the company has finally launched it alongside some new partners.

These partners include the likes of Dell, LG, and Lenovo. LG is said to have an all-in-one desktop in the works that supports the Compute Card, where users can upgrade to newer and better hardware in the future where it will be all about swapping out the card for a newer one that has better hardware on it.

For those unfamiliar with the Compute Card, basically this is a card that contains a processor, memory, storage, and networking. The idea is that machines could have slots in the future where the Compute Card could be put into, and whenever users needed to upgrade they’ll just swap the card out.

Razer attempted something similar with Project Christine a couple of years ago but it seems that it never really did quite take off in the same way, so perhaps Intel might have better luck.

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