It was reported last week that Intel had started licensing graphics technology from AMD. The company’s agreement with NVIDIA ended earlier this year so it would need a partner and rumors suggested that it was talking to AMD about a possible partnership. Last week’s report suggested that Intel had started paying royalties but the chip giant is now refuting the report.


It merits mentioning here that neither Intel nor AMD released any official statement announcing that such a deal had been signed. So it was never confirmed whether or not Intel had really started licensing graphics technology from AMD.

“The recent rumors that Intel has licensed AMD’s graphics technology are untrue,” said a spokesperson for Intel. The report came from Fudzilla which claimed that it was “confirmed” that Intel was licensing graphics technology from AMD.

However, Intel didn’t announce such a deal and on Wednesday, AMD didn’t say anything about it during its annual analyst meeting. That pretty much meant that there was no truth to the report and if a deal was being discussed between the two companies, it hadn’t been signed yet.

Barrons reached out to Intel for more details on whether or not it had decided to license graphics technology from AMD. The company said that it has no further details to provide at this point in time.

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