New seasons of some of Netflix’s most popular original series are just around the corner, so naturally, fans are anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Orange is the New Black is one of those series. Fans are waiting for the fifth season now. The show proved to be an instant hit for Netflix and it’s no wonder that Netflix continues to churn out new seasons every year. To get fans excited about the upcoming season, Netflix today released a two-minute full trailer for Orange is the New Black season 5.


Orange is the New Black has been in the news recently for reasons other than its upcoming season. A hacking collective had obtained access to the unreleased season 5 episodes and had tried to extort Netflix.

It wanted money in exchange for not leaking the season. Netflix didn’t pay and the hacking collective decided to leak the unreleased season 5 episodes online. A report suggests that the hackers might have obtained unreleased episodes of 36 other shows from different networks but they’ve yet to be leaked.

Netflix hasn’t been fazed by any of this, though. It’s going to release the next season of this show as planned. All episodes of Orange is the New Black season 5 will be available for streaming from Netflix on June 9th.

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