We know that Blizzard has some pretty grand plans for Overwatch, their latest IP, in the eSports scene. So much so that Blizzard had previously created their own professional league aimed at pro gamers who want to get into the scene. However what about amateurs? Is Blizzard going to ignore that demographic?

For those who play Overwatch casually, you can rest assured that Blizzard isn’t ignoring you. In fact the company has recently announced a new minor league that is aimed at amateurs, or aspiring professionals. Dubbed Overwatch Contenders, this will allow gamers to prove themselves if they have what it takes to play with the pros.

According to the announcement, “While preparations for the Overwatch League are busily underway, we know that the future stars of the league are out there, training hard and looking to make their mark. That’s why we’re creating opportunities now for players across the competitive spectrum to prove themselves in glorious combat, from the solo-queue superstars to the established tournament veterans. Blizzard is excited to announce Overwatch Contenders—the development league for aspiring Overwatch League professionals, kicking off this summer in North America and Europe.”

There will of course be a prize pool to help sweeten this deal. For gamers who are interested, you can sign up for Season Zero via Blizzard’s website where it is expected to kick off on the 3rd of June.

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