NVIDIA has today announced the launch of its Shield preview program. As the name suggests, the program will enable users to try out new software updates before they’re released to the public. This means that members of the program will be able to test all of the new features and improvements that NVIDIA builds for its Shield devices before they’re rolled out for everyone.

This is going to be slightly different from NVIDIA used to do things previously. It already provides users with Shield Developer OS Images which enables them to test software that’s in beta.

It did run a Shield Experience Program for a while before shutting it down last year so this isn’t the first time that NVIDIA has enabled Shield users to test new software before everyone else.

The new Shield preview program is aimed at regular users who would like to have the opportunity to beta test new software before it’s rolled out for everyone. They will be able to install beta software on their devices and will then be able to provide the company with their feedback which in turn is going to help NVIDIA make adjustments that are required.

Interested users can head over to NVIDIA’s website right now to sign up for the Shield Preview program.

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