Following the release of Overwatch’s Genji into Heroes of the Storm, it seems that Blizzard has decided that it is time to introduce yet another Overwatch character to the game in the form of D.Va. Now D.Va was announced previously but had yet to be added into the game’s character roster, at least until now.

According to Blizzard’s announcement, “Not wanting to be outdone by her fellow Overwatch combatants, D.Va has entered the Nexus and is ready to make her mark on this world. As a ranged warrior who engages from within her armored, bi-pedal exo-suit, she can capably disrupt the enemy while providing ample cover for her allies in combat.”

D.Va comes with a bunch of different talents such as “Hit the Nitrous” that gives her a speed boost, which according to Blizzard is great for either initiating fights or making a swift escape. There is also “Get Through This!” which allows her to absorb damage for a greater period of time, and there is also “Nuclear Option” which increases the damage of her MEKA’s self-destruct ability.

With D.Va being added to the game, it brings the total number of Overwatch characters in Heroes of the Storm to five, joining the likes of Tracer, Zarya, Lucio, and Genji.

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